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Two Step supports single homeless people to access and sustain long-term accommodation - visit programme website for more information: www.twostep.org.uk
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How Two Step works

A homeless person is referred by one of our partner organisations and told what we do and how we work. If appropriate, an appointment is made for a more in depth face-to-face assessment at the office, where the person can give more detail and will be told what they can expect to be offered and approximately how long they are likely to wait.

When a suitable property is available, an appointment is made for the person to view it. They can come to the office to given a map, directions, property checklist and travel expenses if required. If they accept the property, Two Step staff will liaise with the landlord and help with any paperwork. Two Step will remain in contact with the client and the landlord until they move in.

If Two Step is unable to assist for whatever reason, the person will be advised on what other options may be open to them, and signposted to more appropriate services if necessary.

For more information see www.twostep.org.uk

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