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Two Step supports single homeless people to access and sustain long-term accommodation - visit programme website for more information: www.twostep.org.uk
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Information for landlords

HOPE worldwide is committed to providing landlords with a high quality service and recently won the Landlords and Lettings Award in the Public Service/Non-profit category.award logo

Many single homeless people can successfully sustain a tenancy in the private rented sector (PRS) with support from agencies like HOPE worldwide. Contrary to stereotypes surrounding homelessness or even just unemployed people, those receiving Local Housing Allowance (otherwise known as Housing benefit) can make good and reliable tenants.

Our Two Step programme has been successfully housing single homeless people in the PRS for over 20 years. We are committed to only referring those with low or no support needs - doing our best to properly assess a homeless person’s suitability for this form of housing.

We typically create up to 10 tenancies a week with about 90% of these being successfully sustained.

We manage to get Local Housing Allowance paid directly to landlords in the vast majority of cases.

Preferred contact is by e-mail to rob.payne@hopeworldwide.org.uk

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