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How ODAAT works

A significant factor in our success has been our tried and tested emphasis on empowerment for our clients and the value of peer support.

Delivered through our recovery houses which are closely monitored and supervised by staff, but are deliberately not staffed 24 hours a day, residents assume personal and individual responsibility for their abstinence and recovery one day at a time. The regular planned and supervised involvement of Graduate ex-residents at every level of the programme creates a powerful sense of togetherness, mutual support, community and proof that individuals can use the programme to succeed. Indeed graduates are quite clear that these two pillars of the programme are a central part of its success for them. This is complemented by: one to one and group counselling, 12-step therapy groups, relapse prevention, anger management and life skills groups as well as social and sporting activities.

There are five distinct stages to the ODAAT programme and two 'points of entry'.

1. Medicated and nursed detoxification (referral to external detox)

2. Pre-admission (2-21 days)

3. 1st Stage Programme (3 months)

4. 2nd Stage Programme (3 months)

5. Post-graduation support (Aftercare) (8 weeks to 1 year +)

Contact us by telephone on 020 3659 4809, or by email

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