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HOPE worldwide serves disadvantaged children and senior citizens, provides education and delivers medical services. Hope worldwide holds special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations
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Global overview

HOPE worldwide UK is an affiliate of the international Christian development organisation, HOPE worldwide, which serves 2.5 million disadvantaged people a year in over 70 countries.

Together, we are a community in service to the most vulnerable people around the globe, working with individuals, communities and partners to create sustainable solutions to poverty.

HOPE worldwide does not shy away from large challenges. We are fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its consequences in Africa and around the world; building a new health care system in Cambodia; providing homes and jobs for leprosy patients and their families ostracized in India; have so far achieved an 89% reduction in Malaria incidents on Nias Island, Indonesia; and tackling substance misuse and homelessness in the UK. These complex challenges defy simple solutions and typically require new and innovative approaches, prompting us to develop “best practices” that have made HOPE worldwide a recognized leader in working to eradicate poverty and its effects.

We develop integrated solutions to the underlying problems of poverty and disadvantage on a non–sectarian basis by building partnerships, engaging local leaders, and leveraging available resources. The poorest typically work hard but struggle to break a cycle of poverty that can span generations. Whether it's teaching new job skills, training teachers or improving access to health care, HOPE worldwide works with communities to create sustainable solutions that go beyond addressing symptoms of distress.

For more information, call 020 7713 7655 or email info@hopeworldwide.org.uk

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