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Stopover hosting

Two Step has provided over 10,000 nights of emergency accommodation with volunteer hosts since being set up in 1992.

When people are referred to Two Step for help with housing, they are often in a situation where they are unable to access benefits because they have no address, and unable to get accommodation without benefits. Sometimes the only thing in the way of our being able to house them is getting proof of ID or income, which is extremely difficult without an address.

There are also significant risks to continuing to sleep on the streets while we search for longer-term solutions.

We try to find emergency accommodation in shelters and hostels, but sometimes the only option available is staying with our Stopover hosts who can provide a safe place to stay, usually for a night or two until we are able to move them on.

Training and ongoing monitoring is provided to all our hosts. We are very careful about who we send to a Stopover host.

If you think you may have a space you could offer to a homeless person we are working with for a night or two, please contact us by telephone on 020 7713 7655, or by email tommy.cloherty@hopeworldwide.org.uk

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