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Information for referral agencies

Medicated and nursed detoxification

Detoxification from all drugs and alcohol is available through our partner detox centre which is fully residential and staffed by specialist nurses 24 hours a day to help provide the most successful start to life change. Those who do not need detoxification will join pre-admission immediately.

Pre-admission (2-21 days)

Pre-admission lasts for a minimum of two days and continues until a space becomes available in a suitable Treatment Programme. (In practice this is normally not longer than 3 weeks and the average duration is 7 days). It is designed to provide structure and support for clients contemplating admission to treatment whilst the ODAAT pre-admission team make a comprehensive assessment of the client’s background, needs and motivation. Pre-admission has allowed ODAAT to make a much more thorough appraisal of someone’s suitability for treatment in our programme than a one-off interview. It enables the client to get a ‘good look’ at the prospective treatment service and staff and allows funders to ‘test the water’ with a potential client. The pre-admission process involves temporary accommodation, key work sessions, attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings, help with benefit applications and dealing with any outstanding legal or personal issues. Clients are screened routinely for drug and alcohol use.

First stage programme (3 Months)

The First stage programme lasts for 3 months. The purpose of First Stage is to provide a safe, closely managed structure for clients in their early days of recovery. The weekly timetable involves attendance at the therapy programme (working the 12 step recovery method), one to one counselling, compulsory attendance of a minimum of 5 AA/NA meetings per week, support planning sessions with HOPE worldwide staff, attendance at anger management, relapse prevention, life skills and peer support groups and social and sporting activities. Throughout their programme clients undergo frequent and random urine testing. For clients on the programme who are accommodated in the Recovery houses the First Stage house has a capacity of eight and clients share rooms and also attend House groups. The day to day running of the First Stage house is overseen by a HOPE worldwide staff member and managed by a team of ex-residents.

Second stage programme (3 Months)

The Second stage programme lasts for 3 months. The purpose of Second Stage is to provide a bridge between the intensively structured regime on First Stage and the unstructured nature of independent living that clients must prepare for once they complete the programme. Thus the weekly timetable is less prescriptive and the emphasis, whilst still on their recovery, is also placed on gradual re-integration to society. Individuals explore and pursue education, further education, training or voluntary work that they have an interest in. The development of a comprehensive external support network is a key focus. Clients are encouraged to take on a Sponsor through AA or NA and are encouraged to take on service commitments at AA and NA meetings. During Second Stage clients work with HOPE worldwide staff members on their move-on options and develop a thorough move-on plan. For clients on the programme who are accommodated in the Recovery houses, the Second Stage house has a capacity of 5 and clients have their own rooms.

Third stage supported housing

Although most of those entering our third stage supported housing will be existing clients from our second stage, we do also accept referrals directly into our third stage from other therapy providers.

Contact us by telephone on 020 3659 4809, or by email

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