Priya is one of the many young professionals who have gained vocational skills and meaningful employment since graduating from the Centre of HOPE in Bangladesh.

“The contribution of HOPE worldwide Bangladesh is undeniable behind the success I have achieved in my life.  I am so grateful to this organisation” Priya

Priya’s family could not afford to send her to school – at the Centre of HOPE she was able to receive training in computer skills, sewing, and entrepreneurship. After successfully graduating from her course, Priya started working as a junior teacher. Thanks to her hardworking spirit and her newfound stable employment, Priya is able to support her family financially.

HOPE worldwide Bangladesh opened a Centre of HOPE in the Ashulia industrial area, just north of Dhaka in early 2009.  The project was initially funded in partnership with Wal-Mart but is now fully funded by George, ASDA with the full support of the local ASDA team in Dhaka.

The centre consists of a primary school for garment factory workers’ children and a vocational training centre. Since the original Centre of HOPE began in 2009, HOPE worldwide Bangladesh has opened two further schools and vocational training centres that are supported from the UK by the PEPCO Europe Group and the Soham for All Group.

Schools in Bangladesh were closed in March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic but HOPE worldwide Bangladesh has continued to teach the children remotely since the summer of 2020. The school funded by ASDA takes children from kindergarten to the end of year 10 with approximately 250 children enrolled at the school at any one time. The schools funded by PEPCO Europe and Soham for All focus on primary education. 

The Vocational Training Centres focus on industrial skills training, literacy, basic computer knowledge, spoken English, handicrafts training, and general life skills. The objective of the programme is to provide women and youth with the vocational training needed to improve their socio-economic condition. Training courses in computer fundamentals, sewing and handicrafts improve the vocational skills of our beneficiaries, helping them to increase their earning potential and better support their families. Each year one thousand trainees graduate from the training centres.  

During the second wave of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, HOPE worldwide Bangladesh stood beside the poor and disadvantaged families and distributed relief goods to hundreds of families in and around the schools. The relief consisted of rice, lentil, oil, salt, potatoes, soap and face masks.