Legacy Gifting

Your legacy gift could help to provide free medication, bandaging, and wound-care to leprosy patients at the Village of HOPE, New Delhi

Consider including HOPE worldwide in your will

If you choose to leave behind a gift for us, you will be helping us to inspire and equip volunteers for compassionate service and empower people to overcome poverty, homelessness and addiction.

There are also financial benefits of leaving a gift to a charity. Leaving a legacy gift to us will reduce the taxable value of your estate.

If you donate some of your remaining estate above the Inheritance Tax nil-rate band (currently £325,000) to charity, you will reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax you have to pay.

What is a will and why should you write one? 

Your will is a legal document that determines what will happen to your estate after you pass away. If you want to ensure that your estate goes to the people and causes you care about, it is important that you write a will.

Leaving a legacy to HOPE worldwide UK

By including a gift to HOPE worldwide UK in your will, you will leave a lasting legacy of hope which will impact the lives of people both here in the UK and across the world.

How to write your will

There are 3 things to consider when writing a will: your chosen solicitor, your executor, and what wording to use for legacy gifting. See our recommendations of law firms who have experience in charity legacies and for a discount on your will.

Contact us

If you would like additional information about wills or to chat with us about how you can include HOPE worldwide UK in your will, please contact us at legacy@hopeworldwide.org.uk.