Our Story

HOPE worldwide was established as an independent UK charity in 1995 to raise funds and mobilise volunteers to serve the poor and needy in the UK and overseas. Our work is rooted in the Christian faith and is inspired by the example and love of Jesus Christ who said:

The Bible is full of references to helping those in need – these were part of the inspiration for ‘LOVE offerings’ which started to be taken by members of the International Churches of Christ congregations in the UK and around the world to help the poor in Asia, Africa and South America during the 1980’s. In time, research was done to explore how to help closer to home – in particular, those living on the streets of London.

Homeless Services: Two Step

Members of the Two Step Team at the start of a sponsored walk for the service

In 1993, ‘Two Step’ began as a voluntary Christian response to the large numbers of people living on the streets at that time. The ‘first step’ was to give people the opportunity to come off the streets and stay up to three nights at a time with ‘stopover’ hosts from the church, the ‘second step’ was help to find accommodation.

Recovery Services: ODAAT

Since many of the people who were homeless were men who were also affected by drug and alcohol addiction, the ODAAT (One Day At A Time) programme was started to complement to work of Two Step. ODAAT is now the sole men-only addiction service within the M25 and is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Celebrating a graduation from ODAAT

What is our impact?

Since 1993, Two Step has enabled over 7,000 people to find a new home, and ODAAT has supported hundreds of men to overcome addiction and maintain their recovery. In addition to the two programmes based in London, supporters and supporting churches around the UK are encouraged to volunteer locally and internationally.

Volunteers helping to clean up a self-funded day centre in North London

The early fundraising efforts of the late 80’s have now developed into established international partnerships. HOPE worldwide UK funds, advises and supports programmes managed by partner organisations in many countries including Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Participants of an international HOPE volunteer corps

HOPE worldwide also organises and promote volunteer and service corps to support the work of many of the programmes, so that our supporters can use their time, skills and experience to serve others.