International Development

HOPE worldwide UK is part of the HOPE worldwide network of charities which works in over 60 different countries. HOPE worldwide UK has developed a special relationship with HOPE worldwide partners in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Lebanon, Nepal and Zambia. Our work is focused on a wide range of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

A student from one of our Kids Clubs in Zambia

In addition to support with funding and grants, UK volunteers may sit on the Board of Trustees of our partners, or assist by providing expertise in areas such as accounting, monitoring and evaluation, supervision of the programmes or project management. HOPE worldwide UK also has an International Development Committee that meets regularly to discuss the needs of the international programmes that we support.

Students at the Jamgara school of HOPE (supported by ASDA) in Bangladesh

How you can support our international work?

A great way to provide on-going support to the international programmes would be to set up a recurring donation – these donations have kept our international programmes running during the pandemic. You could arrange to donate to a general fund, e.g. to HOPE worldwide Zambia, or to a specific programme within a country, such as the ASPIRE programme that HOPE worldwide Zambia runs. Donating to our international partners through us means that we can claim Gift Aid on eligible donations as we are a UK-registered charity.

If you would like to make a one-off donation or set up a recurring donation, please visit our donation page. To enquire about the programmes you could support, please send an email to Jane Whitworth (Director of Development) at

You could also volunteer abroad with some of our international partners through the HOPE Volunteer Corps programme

Podiatrists from the UK regularly visit the Village of HOPE Bandaging Unit (Delhi, India) to collaborate with the local healthcare team.

To facilitate co-operation between the members of the global network, the HOPE worldwide Global Coordinating Council has continental representatives who meet monthly to talk about the needs of the global organisation. Last year HOPE worldwide Global provided monitoring and evaluation training to its members – the current focus is on good governance and training for Boards of Trustees.