Homes For Orphaned Children

There are approximately 29.6 million orphaned and abandoned children in India1

HOPE foundation runs three orphanages in India, the Asharan Orphanage, New Delhi, the Divya Orphanage, Trichy and the Tirunelvelli Orphanage.

The Asharan Orphanage

The Asharan Orphanage is a residential home for abandoned, orphaned, and lost children between the ages of 0 to 10 years. It has been operating since 1997 and is licensed by the Department of Women & Children Development (Government of Delhi) to provide care and protection to children and process adoptions.

The aim of the orphanage is to protect and rehabilitate children who are extremely vulnerable by housing them, and helping them to heal physically and mentally through round-the-clock love and care. The committed caregivers provide the children with a sense of security. They ensure that the children are enrolled in school and receive an education. There is also a teacher at the orphanage who provides extra tuition and organises art and play activities. Healthcare assistance in health monitoring, vaccinations and treatment of illnesses is provided by the residential nurse, consultant doctor and the therapists on-site.

In addition, the Asharan Orphanage seeks to restore lost children to their parents by working with the police and other agencies. The staff also work to rehabilitate the abandoned and orphaned children by assisting with adoptions in and outside of India through the Central Adoption Resource Authority.

Since it began, Asharan has cared for 736 children – 350 lost children have been reunited with their families, and 212 children have been placed in adoption in India or abroad.


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