Our work with those battling homelessness

Launched in 1993 as a response to the thousands of people sleeping on the streets of London, the HOPE worldwide ‘Two Step’ programme provides a specialised housing service for single people in the capital who are experiencing homelessness. Since it began, Two Step has housed more than 7,500 people.   

Every year, we help more than 150 people find suitable housing, and give housing advice to many more. 

Two Step: Then and Now 

How Two Step works 

Two Step works in partnership with night shelters, day centres, councils and other charities who refer people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness to our service. We then do our best to help people find suitable accommodation so they can move on with their lives and avoid the downward spiral of life of the streets.

We strive to treat each person that comes to us with respect, dignity and compassion and to help them find somewhere to live. To find out more about our work, and how you can get involved, please visit the Two Step website.  

How Brett found hope 

In this video Brett explains his experience of homelessness and how we were able to help him get off the streets. 

How you can help  

Homelessness is very isolating. Those who are on the street can feel invisible. You can start by getting down on the same level, introducing yourself and asking about their situation. Need some help with what to say? Try the ALERT method.

Ask: Get on their level, introduce yourself and ask if anyone is helping them. Many people on the streets are using day centres and getting some kind of support; others might need advice about how to get help.

Listen: Many people are happy to share their story of what happened and what they are trying to do about it.  

Empathise: Empathy and compassion are very powerful. Many people become homeless because of things beyond their control. Even if you can’t help directly, people will appreciate that you took the time to listen and empathise. 

Respond: Depending on what they share, you might be able to do something. Share what you can do (see below) and ask the person if they would like you to help. 

Take Action: You could begin by asking the person if they would like something in particular to eat or drink, or what would help them keep warm or cool depending on the weather. Click to send an alert to Streetlink, or — if you need to research local organisations — you could use Next Meal or Homeless Link 

You can also contact us for advice at 020 7713 7655.

People are referred to our services by many different partner organisations. To find out more about working in partnership with us, visit the Two Step website