By Rob Payne, director of homeless services

With the temperatures dropping, we’re sure you’re wondering what you can do to help those experiencing homelessness.

Why not start by having a conversation with someone who seems homeless by using the five steps outlined in this video? People on the streets can feel invisible, and someone stopping, taking the time to talk, and treating them as a fellow human being can make a world of difference.

5 Steps to Help Those Experiencing #homelessness This Winter

With the extreme shortage of affordable housing, the number of people experiencing homelessness in its many forms is increasing.  I recently met a man named Darren on my way to work, who was sleeping and begging outside a station. Although he told me that he was getting some help from a day centre, after speaking with him, I felt that he may need specialised support to get off the streets.

I later made a referral to Streetlink, and was encouraged to get a reply saying that he had been found and offered options.

It is my goal for every one of our supporters to feel equipped to help those experiencing homelessness, and I invite you to be a catalyst for change.  Click the video to learn how you can connect with those experiencing homelessness — because a conversation can be the first step towards rebuilding lives.

Together, let’s make a difference.

Click to support us as we help those battling homelessness.

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