By Rob Payne

On Saturday, 17 September, a passionate group of motorcyclists who go by the name ‘Ride of Freedom’ will set off from Ace Café in Wembley, helmets securely in place as they ride toward Brighton. Their cause? Raising money for those experiencing homelessness, a goal that is close to the heart of Ride of Freedom’s founder, Narran McLean.

Narran has experienced homelessness multiple times in her life, and abuse from the age of 3 years old. When Narran was homeless, many charities helped her find support and housing; she now wants to raise awareness and funds to help others in a similar position.

She says, “I experienced the help of charitable love from those who chose to support charities financially. The charities were then able to put money raised into helping me at my time of need.”

We are grateful that Ride of Freedom has chosen to raise funds for Two Step, the homelessness services programme at HOPE worldwide.  We work in partnership with night shelters, day centres, and other charities to help people find suitable accommodation, so that they can avoid the downward spiral of life of the streets. This valuable service is facing a significant funding shortfall this year, so the funds raised will help us keep helping people like Brett (below) to find housing and move on with their lives. 

Brett’s Story

Brett was sleeping in his van after a relationship breakdown and losing his job, but the freezing temperatures made it unbearable. Shortly after being referred to HOPE worldwide, he was offered a flat and was able to begin to rebuild his life. We kept in touch and recommended that he visit a partner agency to help him find employment. He completed construction skills training and, with the support of HOPE worldwide, managed to find work. 

When reflecting on his experience he said, “I never thought it would happen to me – I had my business, a relationship and a home. I am grateful that HOPE worldwide quickly helped me find somewhere to live and stuck with me through the dark times. I am happy that things are looking up now that I have hope again.” 

What is Ride of Freedom? 

Ride of Freedom organises motorcycle events to assist in supporting various charities, who help those living with homelessness, hardship and abuse. It aims to create tailor-made, fun and exciting motorcycle trips to various places in the UK, Europe and beyond.

The ethos of Ride of Freedom is focused on helping people escape the pressures of life, which can bring about a healthy balance to the mind and body.

Visit the Ride of Freedom website to find out more about the organisation, and how you can get involved.

What will happen on the day of the event? 

The ride will begin at Wembley, London and end in Brighton, and will be followed by a reception with food, music and speeches at a venue on the seafront.  

There are only 100 spaces available for the event. Book a place quickly to avoid disappointment.  

To sponsor Narran as she raises funds for HOPE worldwide, please visit her JustGiving page.

*Admission at the reception will only be given to those registered to ride.

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